Lil Durk is looking to stop the violence in his hometown of Chicago. Hitting Instagram, Durkio revealed his desire to bring back Smurkchella, eyeing the Bears stadium, Soldier Field, as the host location.

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“I’ma do a Smurkchella next year at the bears stadium in Chicago,” he wrote. “it’s gone be a stop the violence event and we gone split half the money with different non profits from big to small. I need help I need every artist who locked in with me to help save these kids.”

He added, “@neighborhoodheroesfoundation will help put it together let’s go this my way of giving back without saying it to look cool.”


Last June, Durk detailed his desire to unite Chicago Muslims for a prayer to eliminate beef.

“I want to hold the biggest prayer in Chicago for the Muslims that bring everybody together soon,” Durk wrote. “Price to the side then after get problems off the chest help the petty beef go away private location.”

Last May, Lil Durk live-streamed himself on Instagram visiting a homeless man in Los Angeles who went viral on TikTok last month for playing Durk’s “All My Life” video with J. Cole on a projector screen inside a sidewalk tent.

Looking to help out this man who has fallen on some hard times, Lil Durk rewarded the man with a hotel room for a month, a cell phone, gift cards, and an unspecified amount of cash.

“I want to do something real special. I got kindness in my heart, right?” Smurk said during his Instagram Live broadcast while driving around L.A. “So the homeless guy that was playing ‘All My Life’ in the tent, I found him and I’ma pull up on him. I got him a hotel room for him. You never know what people are going through. I’m finna walk up to him, let’s get it.”

While Durk did live stream, he gave the man some respect by asking him first if he was Ok being on camera. Durk then positioned him in the frame and asked him his name.  “Pedro,” the man replied.

Durk has made headlines recently with his streak of good deeds. In April, the 30-year-old partnered with Amazon Music to launch the Durk Banks Endowment Fund to help two lucky students attend Howard University in Washington, D.C.The two students were each given a $50,000 scholarship to the prestigious HBCU and were selected from 20 participants in Durk’s Neighborhood Heroes HBCU College & Career Readiness Cohort Program. He also announced he’d be donating $250,000 to Howard’s GRACE Grant, a program created to help students needing tuition assistance.

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