In an exclusive interview with Amara La Negra, star of VH1’s hit series “Love & Hip Hop: Miami, journalist Courtney Brown delves into the multifaceted life of the viral Afro-Latina artist. During a candid discussions about her music career, motherhood, activism, and upcoming projects, Amara shares her journey of resilience and evolution. As they delve into Amara’s music career, she reflects on the ups and downs she has faced–as well as those pesky rumors about cast member Safaree. She shares insights into her creative process and hints at exciting new projects on the horizon.

Amara La Negra

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Reflecting on her journey in Love and Hip Hop Miami, Amara acknowledges the changes she has experienced since joining the show. “A lot of things have changed,” she notes. She speaks candidly about the challenges of sharing personal struggles on television while maintaining authenticity.

Amara’s dedication to activism and advocacy is evident as she discusses her efforts within the Afro-Latino community and her ongoing support for black and brown women. “I continue to work the Afro Latino community,” she states. “I continue to be an activist for black and brown women and minorities.”


Check out the interview below.

Interviewer (Courtney Brown): Hello, Amara! How are you today?

Amara La Negra: Hello, mi amor! Hello, you’re mute. Hi, Amada. How are you? Getting yourself come through with the bangs. Okay. It’s a Bang Tuesday. You see it.

Courtney: You look stunning, Amara. Thank you for chatting with me today. Can you tell us about what’s been happening with your music career?

Amara: Things didn’t work out the way that I planned… I kind of stopped doing music for a little bit… But then I did start doing some music. And one thing led to the other.

Courtney: It’s amazing to see you back in action. How do you manage to juggle motherhood and your career?

Amara: I’m still young… Breastfeeding, too, at the same time will do something for you… But I’m in a space where I do want to start going to the gym. I want to live as long as possible for my girls.

Courtney: Absolutely, self-care is crucial. Now, reflecting on your journey in Love and Hip Hop Miami, how have things changed since you first started?

Amara: A lot of things have changed… It’s very difficult to be open about a lot of personal things that you don’t want to share… It becomes very difficult.

Courtney: You’ve been a powerful voice for the Afro-Latino community and an advocate for black and brown women. Can you speak about your activism?

Amara: I continue to work the Afro Latino community… I continue to be an activist for black and brown women and minorities… I am grateful for the platform.

Courtney: That’s incredibly important work you’re doing. Lastly, can you give us a hint about what to expect in the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop Miami?

Amara: Something very, very big… Almost like the biggest thing that has happened… It’s about to happen.

Courtney: We can’t wait to see! Thank you so much for your time, Amara. It’s been a pleasure talking with you.

Amara: Thank you so much, my love. Bye. Thank you so much, Courtney. All right.

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