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Rick Ross’ former girlfriend has alleged that the “Hustlin'” rapper has been quiet on the set since the sexual misconduct allegations against Diddy because she claims he made cameo appearances in the Bad Boy honcho’s infamous “freak off” party sex tapes .

Tia Kemp, who is also the mother to Ross’ child, took to IG to not only criticize Ross and his fatherhood, but also claims that he participated in Puffy’s rumored sex parties.


“Don’t be scared now! No Diddy. You scared now, huh? I know you on them tapes. Freaky bitch. I know you is. 10 children having muthafucka. I ain’t gonna let off you … What you quiet for?” she snickered.


“Nobody wants to see your Louis [Vuitton] outfits and sneakers, bitch. Nobody don’t don’t care to see the jets no more. You running out of hoes now. Go over there and give Diddy a hug. Go ride the bike with him, you fat bitch.”

Rozay has yet to respond to the allegations or to Kemp and it’s not confirmed as to whether or not Ross appears in any tapes of if these such tapes even exist.

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