If you’re an Eminem fan, this is for you!

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The Detroit native might be one of the most sought-after rappers on the planet, but now, he’s giving fans an unexpected, rare opportunity to be part of his next project.

Taking to his 42 million followers on Instagram and 22.1 million followers on Twitter, Eminem posted a photo that teased an exciting new announcement: “Stan, Untitled Documentary.” The two logos underneath are Eminem and Shady Films.


The caption reads: “👀Looking for Stans🎬 for a documentary produced by Eminem & Shady Films. To share your story, please answer the questions here: https://bio.site/stansfilm

News of this documentary was revealed earlier this year that Eminem was slated to co-produce the Stans documentary, which is based on the world of superfans. The term “Stan” was coined by Em himself in 2000 thanks to his viral smash of the same name, found on the The Marshal Mathers LP.

Of course, “Stan” really embodied the idea of an over-obsessed fan, but these submissions target his fanbase on a positive note. The open call directs fans to click on the link that leads to a questionnaire, which we’d assume would filter out the applicants. Examples of questions include:

“When/how did you first hear Eminem?

What are some things in your life that you’ve accomplished thanks to Eminem/his music?

Do you remember when Eminem took a break from touring/releasing albums circa 2005? If so, how did that impact you?

Has Eminem or his music helped you through any difficult times? Please share.”

For those interested in participating, fill out the form here!

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