The Museum of Graffiti proudly announces the launch of “Sneaker Stories,” presented by Modelo, a groundbreaking exhibition that delves into the historical ties and cultural relationship between graffiti and sneakers. Starting in Miami on April 20th, this exhibit will travel through Atlanta (May 31, 2024) and conclude in Washington, D.C. (Aug 2024). *Specific details about the Grand Opening of the Miami exhibit can be found at the bottom of this document.

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“Sneaker Stories” explores the historic and ongoing synergy between graffiti art and sneaker culture. It highlights seminal crossover collaborations between graffiti artists and commercial brands, focusing on sneakers from 2003 to the present. The exhibition features art and rare sneakers by some of the world’s most iconic artists within the genre, including Futura, Rammellzee, Cey Adams, Eric Haze, Claw, Faust, and Miami’s own Abstrk.

The show highlights how sneaker companies have leveraged the talent and rebellious nature of the graffiti community to create limited-edition, highly converted footwear that can sell on the secondary market for upwards of $20,000. The exhibition also highlights how sneakers have transcended their original purpose, becoming integral to the fabric of urban culture and art.


“Through ‘Sneaker Stories,’ we aim to celebrate the artists who have transcended the streets to appear inside the biggest companies in America like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas, only to then influence countless others along the way,” says Alan Ket, co-founder of the Museum of Graffiti.“We’re thrilled to partner with Modelo to bring this unique cultural exploration to life, inviting audiences to uncover the stories behind the art and the artists who’ve left an indelible mark on both the graffiti and sneaker worlds.”

At the Museum’s first unveiling of the exhibition in Miami on April 20, 2024, veteran Miami graffiti artist ABSTRK will be hand embellishing his own new brand of sneakers called VRTX Lab. ABSTRK will then join artists Claw and Cey Adams, who will be present for signings, to greet fans and discuss their personal journeys designing sneakers. This discussion will be the first of many “Fighting Spirit Stories,” a talk program led by Modelo that highlights exceptional individuals who embody the Fighting Spirit.  All visitors will also have the opportunity to personalize their own sneakers with colorful new laces, charms, buckle plates, and more at Modelo’s complimentary sneaker customization bar.