After serving over 13 years behind bars for murder, former Bad Boy artist G. Dep admits that paying for items using his phone and pay-to-ride mopeds seen all over the city present a sort of culture shock for the 49-year-old looking to get readjusted to society.

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In his first interview since his release with Art Of Dialogue, Dep says that the biggest challenge he’s faced since then is learning about the digital age and social media society.

Back in 2010, Dep, whose real name is Travell Coleman, confessed to a cold case homicide from 1993 after walking into an NYPD Precinct and telling them details of the murder, which earned him a second-degree murder charge which landed him behind bars.


Coleman was released on April 4 and granted a 6-month early release but doesn’t regret his decision to turn himself in.