The black-owned footwear creatives FCTRY LAb just released their groundbreaking collaboration with multi-platinum rap sensation NLE Choppa as they unveil the exclusive “Duck Boot.” This innovative partnership between FCTRY LAb Co-Founder Omar Bailey and NLE Choppa promises to redefine footwear fashion with its bold design and forward-looking vision.

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The Duck Boot made its grand debut on the main stage at Rolling Loud and courtside at a Lakers game alongside Co-Founder Omar Bailey, solidifying its status as a must-have item for trendsetters and sneakerheads alike. With this collaboration, NLE Choppa joins the ranks of music icons disrupting the footwear landscape with their distinctive style and entrepreneurial spirit.

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“FCTRY LAb looks for creators who want to build product lines and brands together,” stated Bailey. “By giving these artists, athletes, and creators the opportunity for profit sharing and equity ownership, we go beyond the typical collaboration fees and endorsement deals offered by most footwear brands. I’m a big fan of what Choppa is doing musically, collaborating on the Duck Boot with him has been inspiring, his entrepreneurial mindset really puts him ahead of the game.”

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NLE Choppa echoed Bailey’s sentiments, expressing his admiration for Bailey’s bold designs and entrepreneurial journey. “When it came to making my own shoe, I knew I had to do it with him and his team at FCTRY LAb to make a real creative statement and impact,” Choppa shared. “He has bet on himself every step of the way, which is in my DNA as an artist and entrepreneur. I can’t wait for y’all to go crazy over these!”

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FCTRY LAb has a proven track record of success, having sold out their first shoe, the “Knight RNR,” created by Bailey himself. With over 20 years of global product design and development experience, Bailey has crafted footwear for entertainment icons such as Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, as well as athletes and culturally impactful brands.

The Duck Boot introduces a fresh twist to a classic shoe concept, featuring a playful theme of yellow ducks combined with innovative materials and exaggerated elements. Its distinctive exterior shape makes a bold fashion statement, while its interior is crafted for ultimate comfort using high-quality materials. From initial sketches to final product, the Duck Boot embodies innovation and collaboration, fulfilling Bailey’s vision of redefining footwear fashion.

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To showcase this exciting collaboration, the Yellow Duck Boot will be prominently featured in NLE Choppa’s forthcoming music video, filmed at Rolling Loud and FCTRY LAb’s unique LA design studio and development lab. This collaboration marks a new chapter in footwear fashion, blending NLE Choppa’s bold style with FCTRY LAb’s innovative designs to create a shoe that pushes boundaries and captivates audiences worldwide.

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Stylist Credit: Miquelle West

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