During this relentless week of back-and-forth diss records from those who many claim to be the best in the game, certified slang spitter Lupe Fiasco may have just dragged himself into the ongoing rap beef by boldly claiming that Drake is a “better rapper” than Kendrick Lamar.

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In an interview with Aye Verb on X Spaces yesterday(April 15), Lupe said that he didn’t hear Kendrick’s “Like That” diss aimed at Future and Metro Boomin, but he said that he heard Drake’s “Push Ups(Drop And Give Me 50). When asked who he sees as the better emcee, The Cool rapper answered without hesitation, “Drake.”

“I think Kendrick’s a better technically skilled performer but I don’t think he’s a better rapper,” said Lupe.


He goes on saying, “I think he’s a great performer. I think he’s a great rapper. I think he makes great albums. I think he’s a great conceptualist. I think he’s a great mind. I think what he does for the culture is amazing. I love him to death. I do not think that he’s this amazing lyricist, though.”

He later apologized for his comments, saying, “Maybe I should have just left it alone. Even though my impetus was the ‘Control’ verse … I apologize for even engaging and talking about n-ggas’ careers. I’ll never do that shit again.”

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