Jordan Brand and NBA superstar Luka Dončić have unveiled the Luka 3, the latest addition to Dončić’s signature shoe line. Engineered in partnership with Jordan Brand, the Luka 3 is tailored to enhance the stop-and-go agility of Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Dončić, providing him with maximum separation from defenders.

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The Luka 3 represents a meticulous evolution from its predecessors, drawing upon the performance benefits of the Luka 2 while elevating sustainability standards within the franchise. Designed with a full-length cushion 3.0 foam material, the sneaker offers a lightweight and responsive ride, facilitating smooth transitions from heel to toe.

Inspired by Dončić’s affinity for high-performance sports cars, the Luka 3 embodies speed and control, mirroring the dynamics of these vehicles. Its midsole system is engineered for durability and fast-paced movements essential for attacking the basket with precision.


Rooted in legacy and innovation, the Luka 3 reflects Jordan Brand’s commitment to advancing basketball design. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jordan’s iconic playing style, the shoe combines cutting-edge technology with elements of craft and color to enhance the athlete’s performance and storytelling.

The Luka 3 will be available in full family sizing, catering to athletes of all ages and sizes. As the first European-born-and-raised signature athlete for Jordan Brand, Luka Dončić epitomizes global superstar status, transcending borders with his love for the game and exceptional talent on the court.

With each colorway of the Luka 3, Dončić’s personal journey and passion for basketball and cars are celebrated. From the Midnight Racer inspired by late-night drives to the Motorsport paying homage to racing heritage, each design reflects a unique aspect of Dončić’s character and playing style.

The Luka 3 will launch in various colorways and be available at retail starting July 5, 2024. Priced at $130 for adults and $100/$80/$60 for GS/PS/TD sizes, it offers performance, style, and sustainability for basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

Midnight Racer (RETAIL: July 5)

Photo Finish (RETAIL: July 11 – Early Access; July 16 – ROM)

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