OWN’s new dating show is here, and the first look shows how online connections pour into the real world and what happens next. 

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The Never Ever Mets, an interesting title, is the new dating series from OWN. Shadow and Act reports that it follows couples involved in an online relationship but haven’t met in person. It feels catfishy, but let’s continue. Some of the relationships have been going on for a long time, like years. Now, take Shay and Josh. They are introduced in the first look. They have been dating for 12 years without ever meeting. Insert chuckle at his absurdity and the reality of our world. Another subject, Sandia, is in a “virtual relationship” and is trying to rationalize her fears about online dating with her internet partner, Chris.

The series is hosted by Ta’Rhonda Jones, best known for Empire, and according to OWN, the 10-episode series “features seven couples who have been virtually dating for some time and believe they may have found lasting love – only they have never met each other in person! Now, they’re meeting face-to-face for the very first time and sharing a house together for three weeks to see if their internet love can survive off the screen and in real life.”


When the couples meet in person for the first time, their online relationship is put to the test in the real world through “a series of fun and flirty relationship activities, couples therapy and for some, a trip to the ‘boom boom room.’” 

To take it a step further, the couples are visited by their friends and loved ones, who provide “meddling opinions and tension from others in the house,” adding to the challenges the couples have to face. Ultimately, the couples will decide if they will continue their “relationships” or move on.

Bunim Murray Productions produces The Never Ever Mets for OWN. The series premieres April 19 at 8/7c and will stream on Max.

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