The late O.J. Simpson’s estate was not swimming in dough, and it is far from enough to clean up the debt owed to the family of murder victim Ron Goldman, who a civil jury found O.J. liable for his death. Simpson’s executor is not claiming poverty, but he claims the estate isn’t loaded either. 

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Simpson’s longtime attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, who serves as the estate’s executor, was interviewed on TMZ. He spoke frankly about OJ’s financial predicaments at the time of his death. Malcolm said O.J. had less than five figures in one bank account in Nevada and, in the grand scheme, less than millions overall. 

In the end, O.J. was receiving social security, a pension from his career in the NFL, and some residuals as a rising actor, the latter before the unsolved murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. Malcolm said all that added to less than the $400K per year being reported. Simpson wasn’t broke and said he had lived well since being released on a robbery conviction in Nevada.


Malcolm also said some signed memorabilia can be sold when he says, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Maybe some people will say, look, even though this means nothing to me … some guy who is fascinated with O.J. and has a lot of money will pay $50 thousand for it.’”

Last week, Malcolm alluded that the Goldman family would not get a single penny. He has since dramatically changed his stance, saying he’s happy to meet with Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, and pay what the law requires.

The Goldman and Brown families won their $33 million wrongful death lawsuit against O.J. back in 1997 after Simpson won his criminal murder trial. Now get this: with interest, that figure is now well over $100 million. Goldman has fought for 30 years to get what Simpson legally owes. We’ll see what happens here as the O.J. Simpson saga continues even after his death. 

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