The iconic music video for Eminem’s hit song ‘Stan’ is etched in the memories of hip-hop fans worldwide. But what if we told you that the obsessive superfan role almost went to none other than ‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin?

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In a surprising reveal, ‘Chucky’ actor Devon Sawa recently disclosed that Culkin was initially the top choice for the role of Stan in Eminem’s iconic music video. However, due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons, Culkin couldn’t take on the role, opening the door for Sawa to step in.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Sawa explained, “They went out to Macaulay Culkin first. I think that they wanted him, and he wasn’t available, or didn’t want to do it or whatever.”

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It was hip-hop legend Dr. Dre, who directed the video, that suggested Sawa for the role after being impressed by his performance in the film ‘Final Destination’. With Dre’s recommendation, Sawa landed the memorable role of Stan, the obsessive Eminem fan who meets a tragic end in the video.

Reflecting on the experience, Sawa shared, “There happened to be somebody in the casting office that knew somebody who was friends with me, and they called me that way… and it ended up working out pretty good.”

Even after almost 25 years since the video’s release, Sawa still remembers the lyrics of ‘Stan’ and admitted to jamming along whenever he hears it. The video’s impact on his career is profound, and Sawa considers it one of the proudest moments of his career.

Interestingly, Sawa wanted to recreate his iconic ‘Stan’ look for his role in the horror series ‘Chucky’, but the show’s creator, Don Mancini, vetoed the idea.

At the time of ‘Stan’s release, Culkin hadn’t appeared on screen in six years, marking a significant departure from his ‘Home Alone’ days.

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