Jeannie Mai and Jeezy broke the internet with news of their separation. The Atlanta rapper filed for divorce last year in September after two years of marriage, stating their relationship was “irretrievably broken” with “no hope for reconciliation.”

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Now, Jeannie is denying Jeezy custody of their daughter Monaco.

In recent court documents, Jeannie not only denies Jeezy visitation and won’t disclose where their child currently is but she’s only allowed Jeezy to see their daughter eight times this year.


Details also include:

• Since November 2023, formal and informal efforts to establish a parenting schedule have mostly failed.

• Despite numerous attempts, Jeezy has only been allowed to see his daughter for eight days this year and has no information on where the daughter lives or what state she’s in. 

• Jeannie Mai has blocked Jeezy from communication attempts and has failed to adhere to mediated agreements for communication. 

• Jeezy is seeking joint legal and physical custody with a court-determined parenting schedule emphasizing the importance of the child spending time with both sides of the family to appreciate and learn about her Vietnamese and African American heritage.

Just a few days ago, Jeanne posted to her 3 million Instagram followers a video of herself attempting to teach her daughter how to meditate, calling her daughter by her nickname, “Coco.”

TMZ reports that Jeezy revealed Jeannie blocked his number so he could not FaceTime with his daughter. Apparently, they agreed to let Jeezy take Monaco for spring break at the beginning of March. When April came around, he sent someone to pick up his daughter for another visit, but she wasn’t at the residence he shared with Jeannie.

Jeezy has requested a hearing to negotiate a temporary parenting schedule that is fair and evenly splits time between the two parents.

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