Simone Biles admitted on the “Pivot” podcast that the intense backlash her husband, Jonathan Owens faced after his interview went viral took a toll on her mental health.

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ICYMI, it all started when, back in December 2023, the NFL player stirred up controversy when he seemingly honestly claimed that he did not even know who Biles was, the most celebrated American gymnast of all time, before they began dating. Then, he took it further when was asked how he was able to get close to the Olympic gold medalist, Owens had the gaul to say he was more of a “catch” than him snagging the olympian. He tried to mansplain his answer by saying “I always say that the men are the catch,” the 28-year-old NFL player said.

Social media users were livid that he implied that he was a bigger catch than Biles, who was sitting there during the interview. How bad was it? It’s all in context. Can you blame him for being confident, or was he just being arrogant? You be the judge.


Biles said on the Call Her Daddy podcast that Owens “never said [she] wasn’t a catch.”

“He said he was a catch,” the 27-year-old exclaimed. “Because he is! I’ve never met a man like him.” She seemed to support her man even now.

After she went on social media, things took a turn. “I thought everything was OK, and then I go on Twitter and everybody’s like, ‘Divorce this man. He’s mean!’” Biles recalled. “I’m like, ‘He’s the sweetest. He praises the ground that I walk on.’ Truly, I’ve never met a man like him … he truly goes out of his way to do anything for me.”

Eventually, the social media chatter took a toll on her. “I thought it was hilarious at first and then it hurt my feelings,” she said. “One night I broke down and I’m like, ‘Why are you guys talking about my husband like this? You don’t know him. You don’t know who he is and if anybody’s met him, you know he’s the sweetest guy, will do anything for anybody.’”

She continued, “That really hurt that they were talking about my husband like that. For me, it’s like, talk about me all you want, but don’t come for my family, never.”

Biles was hurting. It got deep, but she wore a brave face. Despite the internet trying to tell Biles to divorce her man, the union is still going strong. “I mean, in Paris I think they will do a beautiful job and he doesn’t travel overseas too too much,” she said. “He had to get a passport — he never had a passport before,” she went on to say. “I’m excited for him to see the Olympics because football’s not in the Olympics and he always says it’s the hardest sport, it’s universal. So, why is it not in the Olympics?” she said joking. 

The couple began dating in 2020 and got married three years later. What more can you say? Haters are going to hate.