Hundreds of basketball fans have launched a petition on urging authorities to relocate the upcoming Chicago Sky vs. Indiana Fever games from Wintrust Arena to the United Center. Amara initiated the petition, which aims to attract a broader audience by leveraging the United Center’s larger capacity.

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The games, scheduled for June 23rd and August 30th, currently set to take place at Wintrust Arena, could potentially draw more spectators, including fans and alumni from across the Midwest, if held at the United Center.

The petitioner Amara advocates for providing “larger quantities of less expensive seats,” suggesting that the move would enable both Caitlin Clark fans and Chicago Sky enthusiasts to enjoy an outstanding game experience at the renowned United Center.


The petition underscores the excitement surrounding the upcoming matchups and reflects the enthusiasm of fans eager to witness the games in a larger venue. As the petition gains momentum, how authorities will respond to the request for a venue change remains to be seen.

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