Johnny Nasty Boots, the dynamic rock sensation hailing from Mexico City and making waves in the heart of Los Angeles, is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest release, “Soho.” This single, infused with raw energy and relentless drive, is the first glimpse into his forthcoming EP, promising a journey through the depths of modern rock and it is out on all streaming platforms now.

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For Johnny Nasty Boots, the road to “Soho” has been one marked by dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. Since relocating to LA two years ago, Johnny Nasty Boots has been on a mission to redefine the boundaries of rock music.

“Soho” stands as a testament to his journey, embodying the essence of Johnny Nasty Boots’ signature sound – a potent blend of gritty riffs, pulsating rhythms, and unapologetic lyricism. The track serves as a sonic manifesto, a bold declaration of freedom and for chasing your dreams. To be accompanied by a music video, filmed out in the desert on the outskirts of LA, the song will furthermore showcase that feeling of independence and bravery on your journey.


Produced entirely by Johnny Nasty Boots, recorded at the prestigious Station House Studios under the guidance of Grammy-winning producer Mark Rains, mixed by the legendary Alain Johannes, and mastered by Jeremy Lubsey at Valdo Meller Studio,”Soho” is a track that garners attention. But “Soho” is more than just a song, it’s a representation in the culmination of years of hard work, perseverance, and a refusal to conform to the status quo. As Johnny Nasty Boots himself puts it, “Every note that you hear in the songs I have considered & written with intention and purpose. I feel like that’s not something you see too often in rock n roll.”

With “Soho” leading the charge, Johnny Nasty Boots is poised to conquer new heights and cement his status as one of the most exciting new acts in rock music. As they gear up to go on tour with Faster Pussycat, release another single “Howlin’ and Dying” in June, and their EP later this year, they invites listeners to join them on an exhilarating journey and experience the thrill of rock n’ roll reimagined.

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