MSNBC analyst and the Reverend Al Sharpton has a limited series in the early stages of development at ABC Signature. We didn’t have that one on our Bing card, but this is exciting to hear. Check this out: Anthony Anderson may star in this series. As reported by Deadline, Anderson, who is most known for comedic acting, is diving into serious roles as he considers the upcoming ABC Signature limited series based on Sharpton’s life. 

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As of now, no actors are officially attached, but Deadline says that Anderson is being eyed for the starring role. Word is he would like to executive produce with E. Brian Dobbins, who was also a producer on Kenya Barris’ Black-ish, which starred Anderson.

The project is based on The Redemption of Al Sharpton, from an editorial piece in Esquire, based on how Sharpton’s life as a civil rights activist turned influential figure has never been free of controversy. 


More from Deadline says, “The profile looks to reconcile Sharpton’s image as ‘a beacon of the civil-rights movement’ and as ‘a loudmouth in a tracksuit, surrounded by controversy and shady friends.’” The original piece was penned by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Mitchell S. Jackson, who had access to Sharpton across the country and learned more about Sharpton’s career, legacy, and motivation to be the force he is. Jackson also serves as a producer on the series.