Brian McKnight vs. his children is once again heating up. After stating his children are a “product of sin,” McKnight’s son, Niko, threw words back by calling his father “evil.”

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Commenting on a post on The Shade Room, Niko stated, “The guy who forged sigs on our names is evil fashoooooooo.”

Additionally, Niko said he was told to clean condoms out of a bathroom at 15 years old to hide them from his lover. You can see the messages below.


Brian McKnight is not claiming his estranged biological kids. Now, as sad as that is, nothing is super surprising. Sadly, this happens. It’s not right, but it happens. McKnight does not claim his children because he believes they are the “product of sin.” Sin, folks. 

This revelation all went down during a recent Q&A session on Instagram, of all places. The famed R&B singer made a response to a fan who came to his defense for his controversial decision to no longer claim his oldest four biological children – Brian Jr., Niko, Briana, and Clyde all because he believes some relatives are “pure evil.” Sheesh. 

McKnight, a 17-time Grammy nominee, said in the IG video, “I wanna big up my man right here. He gets it,” McKnight, 54, referring to the fan’s comment. “In order to live a life that you love, you have to get rid of the evil and the negativity — even if that evil and negativity is related [to you].”

Another fan commented on McKnight’s post, writing that he “disowned” his children and has gone “against God.” A lot of religion is being flippantly thrown around in this IG session, especially the R&B crooner. 

The singer added, “1. God wasn’t talking about children that are the product of sin which these are 2. I didn’t raise them their mothers did 3. Know the whole story before quoting the Bible 4. Take your inaccurate negativity off my page and try being happy.” Curious. If he did not raise his kids, does he have a reason for this outside of quoting scriptures? 

McKnight has been beefing publicly with his four eldest children for years. Just last October, he took flack for chaining his name to become a senior to a newborn, but, um, he was already that to Brian Jr., his eldest son. He also posted, “So proud to introduce our son 🤍BRIAN KAINOA MAKOA JR. 🤍,” in a caption with a pic of his infant son’s face. “To the world with the release of my new album lovingly created for him. JR. because I am also proud to officially announce that I have legally changed my name to exactly match my legacy’s.”

McKnight shares the newborn with his wife, Leilani Mendoza went on to say his name was now Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight Sr.. 

Social media let him have it after that …“Brian McKnight is so wicked,” in a tweet from one naysayer. “He changed his last name to Makoa McKnight so he could name his newborn Brian Makoa McKnight Jr., when he already has a son named Brian McKnight Jr. Idk how much more wicked one can be.”

Another critic added, “I’ve never seen anyone proudly demonstrate how much they hate their children like Brian McKnight.” Another added, “Changing his name to match the new baby when he’s already got a Jr. is next-level cruel. He’s a trash human being for not only doing it but also putting it on display to the world.”

Then McKnight’s eldest son, you know, the first Brian McKnight Jr., reacted to his estranged “father’s” name change. “I’m not ashamed of the name my ancestors had,” he replied. “I’ll never change the name my own son now has. We are witnessing an obscene level of self hate, that has reached mental illness status at this point.”

What’s wild is that it is unknown why McKnight has seemingly cut all his eldest children out of his life. The rift was first hinted at in 2019 when he called them “entitled.”

He said “I’ve never missed a day of child support,” in an interview with Essence. He must be so proud he paid his court mandated child support. Then he said “I’ve never done anything adverse to my children whatsoever. I’ve always been there. I’ve always been there with advice, whether they took it or not.”

Anyway this is all toxic and unfortunate. Hopefully, his kids, all his children, find peace with the decisions of their father, no matter which ones he claims or doesn’t. SMH.

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