As the San Antonio Spurs gear up for the offseason, all eyes are on their plans to build around rising star Victor Wembanyama. Sources close to the team, including Kurt Helin of NBC Sports, indicate that the Spurs do not view Trae Young as a suitable pairing alongside Wembanyama.

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With the focus shifting away from Young, the Spurs are reportedly eyeing Dejounte Murray as a potential cornerstone for their future endeavors. Murray’s skill set and potential fit within the team’s system make him an appealing option for San Antonio as they navigate their roster reconfiguration.

The speculation surrounding Young and Murray’s futures intensifies with reports suggesting that the Atlanta Hawks are considering trading one of the two guards during the upcoming offseason. This potential shake-up in Atlanta’s backcourt could allow the Spurs to pursue Murray and solidify their roster around Wembanyama.


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