The highly anticipated Earn Your Masters experience is set to embark on its three-city tour, commencing in Charlotte, N.C., on April 27. This innovative event series, organized by UnitedMasters in collaboration with Earn Your Leisure (EYL) and Ally, aims to inspire, educate, and connect artists while equipping them with the tools to succeed within today’s music industry landscape.

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The event in Charlotte, themed “IGNITE: FINANCIAL CREATIVITY, SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES”, will focus on empowering artists to capitalize on their creativity and navigate the creator economy effectively to maximize their potential for success.

The Earn Your Masters Creator Investment initiative is the cornerstone of this year’s tour, strategically targeting key markets to empower creative communities. By providing valuable insights and resources, the program aims to assist artists in transforming opportunities into capital, ultimately yielding returns on investments.


“Empowering creators isn’t just about fostering their talent; it’s about providing the knowledge and resources necessary to turn creativity into a sustainable career path. At UnitedMasters, we’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of equipping artists with the tools they need to navigate the music industry. We’re bringing together industry experts, financial institutions, and emerging talent to foster a community of entrepreneurship. Through spaces like these, we’re empowering artists to own their futures.” – said Steve Stoute, CEO and Founder of UnitedMasters. Stoute, a pioneering figure in both advertising and music, has contributed significantly to shaping both industries and has achieved numerous milestones throughout his career.

Stoute’s involvement in this event underscores its importance and promises to bring valuable expertise and vision to the forefront. His dedication to empowering artists aligns perfectly with the mission of Earn Your Masters, making him a vital asset to the event.

Reggie Willis, Chief Diversity Officer at Ally, a financial services company with the nation’s largest all-digital bank, said Ally understands how important financial education is to helping grow the next generation of creators, people who historically have been underserved by financial institutions.

“Ally has a long track record of helping create pathways for communities of color to promote economic mobility and drive equity,” said Willis. “This collaboration with UnitedMasters continues that work.”

Furthermore, this event progresses the mission of Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings with Earn Your Leisure, as they continue their commitment to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for financial success. This follows the announcement on Bloomberg TV of their financial education program with high school students in the Bronx curriculum, starting with a pilot program in a few schools with goals to expand more in the city by next year.

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