During a recent performance on his Behind The Desk Experience Tour, Dirty South Hip Hop legend Scarface paid tribute to the late Tupac Shakur by recalling a time when the pop culture icon played a prank on him and blew his high when he first arrived in Los Angeles.

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“First time I got to California, I’m in L.A., smoking LA weed. We ain’t ever had no shit like this before,” Scarface said. “I’m living in Burbank and recording the Untouchable album. It’s my first time getting high with some L.A. chronic.”

Scarface continues, “The homeboy[Tupac] pull up on me, he got a black Hummer with a fucking siren and loudspeaker on it. I’m in my apartment in Burbank high as fuck for the first time ever, and they come up and they go, ‘Brad Jordan, we know you’re in there, come out with your hands up.’ I’m on the couch like this and my motherfucking high says [does a walking away action]. He just blew my fucking high, man, and he wanted to go to the studio and record, right? He wanted me to ride in this Hummer with him. I’m not going anywhere with him because he does not have a driver’s license. And he can’t drive at all.”


Face then performed his classic track “Smile” which he shared with Tupac, becoming one of the Houston native’s biggest hits that dropped just months after Tupac’s untimely demise.