In a truthful, yet hilarious back and forth banter, G-Unit soldiers Tony Yayo and Uncle Murda got into a heated debate on 4/20 as to whose movie career had the biggest impact. Murda only had two words for Yayo: Bruce Willis!

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Power actor Gianni Paolo recorded the friendly argument as Murda is confident that his movie Reprisal with Bruce Willis is better than any on screen work ever done by Yayo.

“Bruce Willis! Who you did movies with?”, yelled the Don’t Come Outside rapper. “I did S.W.A.T too, stupid,” Yayo replied.


“Who was the lead actor? You can’t even name it,” the Brooklyn native responded before again yelling, “Bruce Willis!”

Yayo, on the other hand, was referring to his part in the 2011 Benny Boom-directed S.W.A.T: Firefight. He also landed a brief role playing himself in 2010’s Morning Glory, which featured an ensemble cast including Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum.

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