The ongoing legal battle between rapper Cardi B and gossip vlogger Tasha K has taken a surprising twist, revealing a web of financial deceit and evasion. Two years ago, Tasha K was ordered to pay Cardi B $4 million in damages after losing a defamation lawsuit filed against her. However, instead of complying with the court’s decision, Tasha embarked on a brazen campaign to evade payment.

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From the outset, Tasha boasted about her refusal to pay the damages, declaring that she “ain’t got it” and had no intention of fulfilling her legal obligations. Following the exhaustion of all appeals, Tasha filed for bankruptcy, setting off a chain of events that would eventually expose her elaborate scheme.

During a month-long trip to her husband’s home country in Africa, Tasha documented her travels and even made light of hiding her money in an African bank. Little did she know that her seemingly innocuous jokes would come back to haunt her.


Hip Hop Enquirer’s Dennis Byron reported on Cardi B’s relentless pursuit of justice, revealing that the rapper had invested a staggering $1.3 million in uncovering Tasha’s financial misdeeds. Through meticulous investigation, Cardi’s legal team located Tasha’s accountant, who ultimately divulged critical information after facing the prospect of legal repercussions.

It was disclosed that Tasha’s correspondence with her accountant via Gmail proved to be her undoing, as it facilitated the subpoenaing of crucial evidence. The revelation that Tasha had established trusts and offshore bank accounts in violation of court orders further exacerbated her legal woes.

As the truth unraveled, the courts wasted no time in sharing the damning evidence with various authorities, including the IRS, the Federal government, the State, and the Bankruptcy court. Tasha’s blatant disregard for legal directives has not only jeopardized her financial stability but also raised serious legal ramifications.

While Tasha K may have thought she could outsmart the system, Cardi B’s unwavering pursuit of truth and justice has changed reporting gossip as news.

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