One of the most recognized duos in Hip Hop, Eric B. & Rakim, were nominated for the 2024 Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Induction, however, the Paid In Full posse didn’t make the cut against some of Generation X’s most prolific artists including Mary J. Blige, A Tribe Called Quest, Kool And The Gang and more. Neither Eric B. nor Rakim took offense to the snub. In fact, they took it in stride.

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“Microphone Fiend” Rakim and his DJ Eric B. didn’t garner enough votes to be inducted, much like when they didn’t get the nod back in 2012. The duo put out a statement obtained by TMZ, stating, “Congratulations to the diverse group of artists inducted into the Rock Hall this year. Seeing Tribe and Mary on the list besides Cher, Ozzy, Kool and the Gang and all of the other icons shows how inclusive the institution has become. Keep voting … we’ll join you soon!”

Eric B. and Rakim are one of the culture’s most iconic duos, coming on the scene during the Golden Era of Hip Hop, their 1987 debut album Paid In Full remains a Five Mic classic for both younger and older artists, pioneering both music and fashion norms seen today.