The 2024 NFL Draft is finally upon us. Analysts say this may be one of the wildest drafts in a long time, some say ever. There is a lot of ambiguity with what may or may not happen outside of the very first pick which goes to the Chicago Bears, who are bound to draft Caleb Williams, the phenom quarterback from USC, but beyond that easy prediction the rest is up in the air. Your favorite team’s first round draft order is included below for quick reference. 

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As for what teams need to get better, we found CBS Sports reporting to be pretty on the money and shared their guesstimates here on each franchise’s immediate need by position.

AFC North:


Bengals: Offensive tackle

Browns: Offensive tackle

Ravens: Offensive tackle

Steelers: Wide receiver

AFC South:

Colts: Cornerback

Jaguars: Cornerback

Texans: Defensive tackle

Titans: Offensive tackle

AFC East:

Bills: Wide receiver

Dolphins: Defensive Tackle

Jets: Offensive tackle

Patriots: Offensive tackle

AFC West:

Broncos: Quarterback

Chargers: Wide receiver 

Chiefs: Wide receiver 

Raiders: Cornerback

NFC North:

Bears: Edge rusher

Lions: Cornerback

Packers: Left tackle

Vikings: Defensive tackle

NFC South:

Buccaneers: Cornerback

Falcons: Edge rusher

Panthers: Edge rusher

Saints: Offensive tackle

NFC East:

Commanders: Quarterback

Cowboys: Running back

Eagles: Safety
Giants: Wide receiver

NFC West:

49ers: Interior offensive line

Cardinals: Wide receiver 

Rams: Defensive tackle

Seahawks: Offensiv guard

Round 1 Selection Order

1. Chicago Bears (from CAR)
2. Washington Commanders
3. New England Patriots
4. Arizona Cardinals
5. Los Angeles Chargers
6. New York Giants
7. Tennessee Titans
8. Atlanta Falcons
9. Chicago Bears
10. New York Jets
11. Minnesota Vikings
12. Denver Broncos
13. Las Vegas Raiders
14. New Orleans Saints
15. Indianapolis Colts
16. Seattle Seahawks
17. Jacksonville Jaguars
18. Cincinnati Bengals
19. Los Angeles Rams
20. Pittsburgh Steelers
21. Miami Dolphins
22. Philadelphia Eagles
23. Minnesota Vikings (from CLE through HOU)
24. Dallas Cowboys
25. Green Bay Packers
26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27. Arizona Cardinals (from HOU)
28. Buffalo Bills
29. Detroit Lions
30. Baltimore Ravens
31. San Francisco 49ers
32. Kansas City Chiefs

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