Good news: Jamie Foxx is finally back to hosting Fox’s Beat Shazam after he beat a mysterious show-stopping health scare. 

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The Ray actor, 56, returned to his lead role alongside his daughter and co-host Corinne Fox, the show’s DJ. “I’m back for an all new season of ‘Beat Shazam,” Corinne said in the clip. With his signature smile, Jamie adds, “Uh, yeah, and I’m back too!” 

“Jamie and Corinne are the heart and soul of ‘Beat Shazam,’” Allison Wallach, FOX Entertainment’s President of Unscripted Entertainment, said in a statement. 


“As our undeniably dynamic father-daughter hosting team,” Wallach continued, “they bring a relationship like no other to a show like no other, and it’s wonderful having them back on set this season.”

While the Foxx duo was away from the show, Nick Cannon picked up the slack as a guest host, while Kelly Osbourne filled in as the guest DJ.

The Academy Award winner’s triumphant comeback was marked over a year after battling an illness that hospitalized him on April 11, 2023. 

A massive outpouring from fans and Foxx’s celebrity friends like Tracy Morgan, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, and LeBron James expressed their well wishes, mostly through their social media profiles.

Foxx never shared what his medical condition was, but he assured fans back last July that he was never blind nor paralyzed, even though rumors ran wild.

“I went through something I thought I would never, ever go through,” he said back during the ordeal. “I know a lot of people were waiting or wanting to hear an update, but to be honest with you, I didn’t want you to see me like that, man.”

Expect Beat Shazam to return to Fox for Season 7 on Tuesday, May 28.

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