Joe Budden joins the list of media personalities who think Kanye West is doing a lot by dissing Drake. Speaking on his podcast, Budden blasts Ye’s remix of “Like That” and his alleged conversation with the rap coalition against Drake.

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“This not about you,” Budden says. “This is some attention seeking bs.”

You can hear it all from Budden below.


Charlamagne Tha God is also not a fan of how Ye is moving. Hitting The Breakfast Club, Charla dubbed the artist formerly known as Kanye West the “leader of the legion of lame.”

The comment comes after Ye appeared on Justin LaBoy’s podcast and stated he is part of the group that is looking to eliminate Drake.

“Kanye West is the leader of the legion of lame,” Charlamagne Tha God said. “What a hating-ass human. What type of man sits around saying, ‘We were all energized by the elimination’ of another man?”

You can hear Charlamagne’s full statement below.

Speaking to Justin LaBoy on The Download podcast, Ye stated he got a call from Future, which led to his “Like That” remix.

“[Future] called me and I went to the studio and laid that. We went through the creative process of adding the chords and called the Hooligans out in London to get on the joint,” Ye said. “Everybody was very, very energized about the elimination of Drake.”

Entering the beef streets with the “Hooligans,” Ye has added a spin on the “Like That” beat and says he has K Dot’s back.

Reigniting the beef, Ye referred to Universal Music Group CEO as Drake’s “master”:

Where Lucian, serve you master nigga
You caught a lil bag for your Masters didn’t ya?
Lifetime deal, I feel bad for niggas

After that, J. Cole catches a jab: “Play J. Cole, get the pussy dry.”

You can hear it all below.