A video emerged of the punch with Nikola Jokic’s brother Strahinga, who was under investigation by law enforcement and the NBA. In the video, shared by TMZ, Strahinja can be seen crossing rows of seats at Ball Arena and punching a man in the face.

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You would think Nikola Jokic’s brothers would be riding high during the Nuggets epic comeback  victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. But instead Jokic’s brother Strahinja, decked a fan in the seats which was caught on video.

Witnesses say the wild scene happened right after Joker triumphed 101-99 over LeBron and the Lakers. The Nuggets are now up 2-0 in the Playoffs’ first round.


Strahinja is Joker’s older brother. He hopped over a seat at Ball Arena and descended a row, kicking his way through the crowd. Full stop: this kind of behavior alone can get someone banned. But anyway, he then made his way to a male spectator. 

When Strahinja got close enough, he snuffed the fan in the face.

After the assault, both Strahinja and the guy who caught the jab kept talking smack even while the third brother, Nemanja, was behind his aggressive brother for moral support.

Now, get this: Joker, a two-time MVP, had his wife, Natalija, also in the stands. She was merely feet away from the action with Joker’s brothers while holding their young daughter. She did try to get Strahinja to chill, but he wasn’t having any of it.

The Jokic brothers, who are as imposing as their famous brother, are known for defending Joker at games, but flat-out punching people is another thing. Let’s see how the league handles this one.

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