In an exciting collaboration, Klarna has joined forces with Bulls guard Ayo Dosunmu to elevate his pregame style throughout the season. Last Friday’s home game showcased Dosunmu’s flair as he partnered with Chicago-based designer Don C, recognized for his collaboration with Virgil Abloh/Louis Vuitton, to craft a stunning all-pink ensemble inspired by Klarna’s partnership.

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Dosunmu’s tunnel walk into the game was a fashion statement, capturing attention with his stylish attire. As part of the collaboration, Dosunmu has curated a Creator Shop on Klarna’s website and app, featuring his favorite pregame looks. Among the selections are a Fendi sweater, a Balenciaga sweatshirt, Stone Island cargo pants, and the distinctive pink jacket and shoes worn during Friday’s game.

The partnership signifies a fusion of fashion and sports, allowing Dosunmu to express his unique style on and off the court. With Klarna’s support, Dosunmu continues to redefine pregame fashion, offering fans a glimpse into his curated collection of must-have looks.


Accompanied by captivating images of Dosunmu’s tunnel walk outfit, the collaboration promises an exciting season ahead, blending athleticism with high-end fashion in basketball.

In conversation with The Source, Dosunmu details the collaboration, partnering on his last home game outfit, and more. Fans can also visit Ayo Dosunmu’s Klarna creator shop and use flexible payment options like pay in 4 here.

You worked with Chicago-based designer DonCc on your pregame look for the final home game. How did you envision placing Klarna’s aesthetic into your outfit?

I was familiar with Klarna’s look from working with them. Don C is a magical person with design and clothing. I wanted to make sure I put something together that represented Klarna and myself. I’ve been getting more into fashion, so I wanted to blend the two worlds.

The outfit featured a lot of pink. What was your initial thought when it was presented to you?

At first, I didn’t want to do it. My team does a great job of providing me with information to help me make decisions. Right away, I wasn’t feeling it, but when it was explained to me, the color of Klarna and more, it was easy for me to throw in some black leather pants to mix it. It was a great outfit.

You mentioned adding your style and working with Don C. How was that collaboration, that meeting of minds? How were you able to convey your thoughts?

Dunks are my favorite shoe, so I wanted to incorporate something like that. When Don said punk, we found some that went perfectly with the fit. We mixed it, and it was great. I got the pants from my closet. I didn’t want to wear jeans cause I wanted something to pop out. I threw on those leather pants, and my mirror pic showed it was cool.

On the fashion end, you are getting deeper into the world. Be a fashion influencer and have a creative shop on Klarna that features your favorite looks. How did you choose what you wanted to showcase?

I wanted to send a message that you can create your style. You don’t have to follow anyone else. If you like wearing skinny jeans, wear skinny ones. If you like wearing a baggie, you can wear a baggy. If you wanna mix and match, you can mix and match. Just trying to send a message to people out there who want to get dressed up. That anything you wear, you can put your style and your flavor to it. It’s all about just having confidence and belief in whatever you want to wear.

My team, mom, and sisters picked those specific pieces for the pieces. They know me a lot. They know my style and what I like.

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