Its been 25 years since the original stoner comedy Friday lit up the theaters. The film not only grossed $28 million in the box office, it became a timeless classic.

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Friday tells the story of two pals, Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker), who are enjoying the start of their weekend while trying to avoid the neighborhood’s bully and drug dealer.

The film starred other notable Black actors like Nia Long, Bernie Mac(RIP), John Witherspoon(RIP) and more. Following the classic film’s release, Tucker became a household name and two sequels were spawned.


Witherspoon, who passed away five years ago, confirmed production of a Last Friday during a brief radio interview. Witherspoon celebrated the greenlight of the fourth and final installment of the Friday franchise, as many fans are after years of rumors, but not every cast member is enthusiastic.

Tucker said that Friday was a “moment in time” and was concerned if he’s too old to play out the youthful and immature antics require to fulfill the role of Smokey.

I was a young kid. I was laughing through the whole thing. I was proud of that, making myself laugh. I don’t know if I could do another one because I was so young and it was a moment in time. But we’ll see.

It will be pretty awkward to see Tucker reprise this role. However, Smokey’s character was a fan favorite in the original movie and it’ll be cool to seen him incorporated in Last Friday in some way or fashion