As the first full week of testimony wrapped up in the historic Donald Trump hush money trial, jurors were granted a three-day weekend to mull over what they had heard. After over 10 hours of detailed testimony across four days, David Pecker, the former chief of American Media Inc., concluded his time on the witness stand. 

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Pecker outlined how he assisted Trump in suppressing negative stories and attacking his rivals in the National Enquirer during the 2016 campaign. Upcoming testimonies from Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen are heavily anticipated.

Friday afternoon, the prosecution called Rhona Graff, Trump’s longtime assistant at the Trump Organization, followed by a banker for Cohen, indicating a shift towards the pivotal documents central to the charges against Trump.


The courtroom drama unfolded with more of the alleged scandalous affair, where the focus shifted to 34 counts of falsified business records. Prosecutors meticulously presented evidence, including a shell company and its dormant bank account, intended for hush money payments that never materialized. 

Pecker’s testimony, portraying a narrative of unique dealings and campaign assistance, clashed with Trump’s legal team’s efforts to discredit him by pointing out alleged inconsistencies. The jury was given testimony to navigate through a complex paper trail.

The Trump legal team worked to undermine Pecker’s credibility during his extensive testimony. Meanwhile, prosecutors portrayed Pecker’s deal with Trump as vital and positioned him as a campaign insider. Trump’s attorneys challenged this narrative by the prosecution. They pointed out alleged inconsistencies in Pecker’s testimony and disputed his claims about AMI’s acknowledgment of campaign finance violations.

Pecker concluded his time on the stand. The courtroom tension was high, with both sides contesting the credibility of his statements.

Of course, Trump raged outside the courtroom about witnesses and still violating his gag order. BTW, he’s still nodding off in court; He’s also complaining about how cold the courtroom is. But wait, isn’t he a strong alpha male that will make America great again? Or just another criminal defendant who can’t stand a little air conditioning? Meh, who knows at this point?