In a recent YouTube video, Pilar Sanders, the ex-wife of former NFL star Deion Sanders, aired out grievances against him, accusing him of neglecting their daughter Shelomi’s basketball career. Shelomi, a talented athlete, recently decided to transfer from the University of Colorado to Alabama A&M, prompting Deion’s disapproval.

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Pilar criticized Deion for allegedly interfering with Shelomi’s college recruiting process, pushing her to follow him to Jackson State and then to the University of Colorado, where she ended up riding the bench. Despite Shelomi’s desire to transfer to a school where she could play, Deion publicly criticized her decision.

The video, shared on Pilar’s YouTube channel, highlights the ongoing tensions between the former couple, shedding light on their strained relationship and its impact on their daughter’s aspirations. Watch Pilar’s candid response to Deion’s remarks in the video below


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