Boosie is looking to enter a truce with Yung Belu. Hitting X, Boosie tweeted his desire to sidestep court because attorneys and more see it as a payday.

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“They want us to keep having to go to court my n—a,” Boosie wrote. “They putting u deeper in the hole by paying for your attorney fees. Why they don’t wanna pay your tab and get this negativity off you? Because they make more money with us beefing my n—a.”

Back in September 2023, Boosie Badazz was without an Instagram account. The controversial rapper’s account was disabled, and he believed it was due to his beef with Yung Bleu.


Boosie’s most recent page was @mamaheliveagain2.0, but now it’s gone. Hitting Instagram on his newest account, Boosie blamed Bleu.

“Yung Bleu got my Instagram took,” Boosie said. “Him and TQ the cable guy, they got my Instagram took.”

Boosie is also promoting his new YouTube channel Boosie Uncut.

The accusations toward Yung Bleu come after a lengthy back and forth. Boosie beleives Bleu and his brother TQ forged the Louisiana legend’s signature on paperwork for an EMPIRE deal.