Two years after being ordered to pay rapper Cardi B a hefty sum in damages for defamation of character, YouTube gossip vlogger Tasha K finds herself in yet another legal battle. Last week, revelations surfaced that Cardi B had successfully traced Tasha’s financial accounts, including offshore trusts in Africa, prompting Tasha to defend herself, claiming she created the trusts out of panic to safeguard her family.

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For months, Cardi B had been seizing Tasha’s income from her YouTube channel and other social media platforms, using subpoenas to delve into Tasha’s financial affairs. Earlier this year, Cardi made a startling discovery—multiple domestic and offshore trusts that Tasha and her husband had established but failed to disclose in their bankruptcy petition.

Among the trusts uncovered were The Sambakessi Investment Trust (Cook Islands), Soninkes LLC (Island of Nevis), The Bamako Trust (Kebe Children ILT) (Georgia), Transrina Management Trust (Georgia), and the Florida Joint Revocable Living Trust. Tasha’s lawyer admitted that these trusts were created in response to Cardi B’s lawsuit but emphasized that they had never been utilized.


According to Tasha’s legal representative, the impending judgment from Cardi B’s lawsuit induced a state of panic, prompting Tasha to take swift action to protect her family and assets. In March 2021, Tasha sought estate planning services from a Georgia attorney, resulting in the creation of the trusts. However, each trust was funded with a mere $10 in cash, and no bank accounts were ever established for them. Furthermore, no transfers were made into or out of the trusts.

Tasha maintains that the trusts remain dormant and hold no value. Similarly, a limited partnership formed during this period was deemed to have no worth and has never been utilized.


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