The Hip-Hop community is saddened by the unexpected passing of Hip-Hop journalist and NYC culture influencer Dallas Penn. His wife, Chocolate Snowflake (C.S.), announced his death this morning(May 1) on Penn’s personal Facebook page.

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Penn was 54 years old.

“Dallas has ascended to the music that was waiting for him,” she wrote. “From September 1970 to April 2024, he always said it don’t stop, it won’t stop, and he’s waiting for us all at the Funkadelic Stevie Wonder Sean Price party in the sky. Rest my love and see you in our other lifetimes. Love you always, for all time.”

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On April 18, Penn, who was diabetic, revealed from a hospital bed that he was hospitalized and being moved to the intensive care unit. Penn also mentioned that he’d been enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program and that the latest health issue was ahead of him.

“I’m enrolled in the WTC health program which tracks the various acute ailments being suffered by the folks exposed within the pit,” he explained. “In the last few days I experienced what should have been a fatal bowel perforation. The opening was larger than a quarter and leaking gas, fluids and waste material thru my gutular setup. The old man on the street whom we castigate for being homeless would at least be honest when he says I’m filled with s###. My kidneys shut down. They stopped completely. My blood pressure sank and my heart was packing it’s bag.” Dallas went on, “I looked towards my wife one last time and I promised her I would find her in the multiverse. C.S. said eff the MCU, I’m going to see you in the ICU. Then she put me in the care of a trusted physician who held my hand as I crossed thru the dark side. I confronted many Dallas’ on this journey. The Dallas Who Remains is the one sending the shout to the Internets. Thank you for your love and your concern. I’m still standing. Better than I’ve ever been. Feeling like a true survivor. Smiling like a little kid. We’ll chat sooner than later!”

Penn, who served as co-host to the late Reginald “Combat Jack” Osse on his “Combat Jack Show” podcast, mentioned in a 2017 episode of the show that he needed a toe removed due to diabetes-related complications (Check the 11-minute mark).

Penn was an esteemed journalist and cultural critic with an affinity for 90s fashion, specifically Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand, to which he was the most recognized writer who pledged allegiance to the brand.

His presence on the NYC Hip Hop landscape and beyond will be sorely missed. The Source Magazine/Northstar Group sends its condolences to Penn’s family, friends, and associates.

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