In a recent turn of events, Raven-Symoné, the beloved actress known for her roles in hit shows like “That’s So Raven,” found herself entangled in a whirlwind of controversy surrounding her wife, Miranda Maday. The drama unfolded after Miranda openly admitted to using blood magic to win Raven’s heart and bind them together, sending shockwaves through their fanbase.

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It all started when Miranda appeared on a podcast interview with Howie Mandel, where she made the startling revelation about resorting to unconventional means to secure her relationship with Raven. The confession immediately sparked a frenzy among fans, who were taken aback by the unorthodox approach to love.

Adding fuel to the fire, Miranda further stirred the pot by claiming that she initially had no idea who Raven Symoné was when they first crossed paths at a West Hollywood karaoke bar five years ago. This revelation raised eyebrows, with many questioning how Miranda could be oblivious to Raven’s celebrity status.


As the backlash intensified, Raven Symoné decided to step in and address the situation head-on. Taking to TikTok, she shared a message scolding her fans for resorting to extreme measures, including death threats, against Miranda. In the video, Raven defended her wife, emphasizing that Miranda’s lack of familiarity with her work does not diminish their love for each other.

In the TikTok clip, Miranda also chimed in, clarifying that while she may not have grown up watching Raven’s TV shows or movies, she is well aware of her wife’s achievements and legacy in the entertainment industry. The couple’s united front aimed to quell the online uproar and put an end to the relentless scrutiny directed at Miranda.

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