MC Serch was one of the first Jewish emcees to be established in Hip Hop and today he turns 56!

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Born May 6, 1967, in Far Rockaway Queens, New York as Michael Berrin, MC Serch is a one of a kind act solidified in hip hop for decades. From being a reality star to having been credited with popularizing the term “The Gas Face,” Serch has stuck it out as a veteran in show business.

First starting out with the group 3rd Bass, he recorded three albums before launching a solo career under Def Jam and recording his premier solo album Return of the Product in 1992. The album featured Billboard Number 1 “Here It Comes” and another hit single “Back to the Grill”, featuring the likes of Chubb Rock and Nas, with whom he is credited with jumpstarting his career. Serch is also responsible for helping to launch the career of the late Zev Love X in his pre-DOOM days with KMD.


After retiring his recording career, he also became a staple personality in the radio DJ industry with Detroit’s Hot 102.7 and running his own promotions company Serchlite Music.

From all of us here at The Source, we say happy 56th, Serch!

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