Rapper Young Jeezy’s divorce from TV personality Jeannie Mai has taken a dramatic turn as newly released documents shed light on the underlying reasons behind their split. According to reports, Jeezy is alleging that Jeannie’s pursuit of divorce and accusations of abuse stem from her desire to have another child, a wish he reportedly denied.

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In documents obtained from the divorce proceedings, Jeezy claims that Jeannie was eager to expand their family and have another child together. However, when he declined her request, Jeezy asserts that Jeannie’s demeanor changed drastically. He alleges that she became desperate and unable to accept his decision.

The situation escalated further when Jeezy informed Jeannie of his intention to file for divorce if their marriage did not improve. In response, Jeezy claims that Jeannie sought assistance from IVF specialists in an attempt to conceive a child through in vitro fertilization, despite his objections.


Jeezy asserts that Jeannie’s actions demonstrate her inability to handle rejection and her determination to pursue her own desires regardless of his wishes. He further alleges that Jeannie has a history of volatile behavior and suggests that she is accustomed to being in control of her relationships.

Additionally, Jeezy expresses frustration over what he perceives as Jeannie’s efforts to limit his parenting time with their young daughter. He claims that he has only been allowed to spend one day and night with their daughter in April, indicating a lack of cooperation from Jeannie in facilitating their co-parenting arrangement.

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