In the midst of escalating tensions within the rap world, with Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar and Drizzy vs. many of his former collaborators, such as Future, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, Rick Ross and even Kanye, 21 Savage’s stance has remained notably elusive. 

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Despite the appearance of the 20v1 beef as the 6 God likes to frame it, Savage has maintained a conspicuous silence. Like damn bro, ya’ll just went on a whole tour. Remember “It Was All a Blur” no pun intended but IYKYK.

Get this, amidst the turmoil, Savage’s recent performance in Los Angeles has sparked intrigue. Maybe he picked a side after all. 


While on his American Dream tour, while performing the collaborative hit “Rich Flex” from his 2022 project “Her Loss,” Savage had the local crowd passionately singing along to Drake’s verse, hinting at a potential allegiance. 

@power106la #21Savage performs #RichFlex, his song with #Drake, on his #AmericanDream Tour in LA 🔥 📸: @Monica Sett (@momosett) ♬ original sound – Power106LA

This nod, however subtle, has not gone unnoticed by fans speculating about Savage’s stance in the ongoing drama.

Meanwhile, Metro Boomin’s cryptic social media post last month, in which he made a lot of tweets, teased a potential third installment of his and Savage’s acclaimed “Savage Mode” series, adding fuel to the speculation fire. 

The original Savage Mode dropped in 2016, and its widely praised follow-up in 2020 made a new collaboration between the two artists possible, raising questions about where Savage’s allegiances truly lie. But at 21, you just played Drizzy at your show, right?

Amidst all the drama, 21 Savage is kicking off his newest tour, bringing his signature performances to cities nationwide. With dates already announced in major cities like New York, Atlanta, and Chicago, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness Savage’s talent firsthand while speculating about the subtle messages he might be sending through his music and performances. 

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