Nicki Minaj’s legal woes continue as a former concert promoter seeks to collect a million-dollar judgment from the rapper’s company, Pink Personality. The saga stems from a deal made in 2018 for Minaj to perform in China, a commitment that allegedly went unfulfilled. According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, BS Associates Company Limited (BSA) is requesting access to third-party witnesses and financial records in their pursuit of compensation.

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The initial dispute arose when BSA filed an arbitration claim against Pink Personality, alleging that Minaj had agreed to a concert in China on September 18, 2018. BSA claims to have sent a substantial sum to Minaj’s CAA agents to hold in escrow for the event. Despite complying with Minaj’s request to release $250,000 from the escrow account, the concert did not take place as scheduled. BSA contends that Minaj considered rescheduling the performance but demanded additional funds as a “sign of good faith.” Despite further releases from the escrow account, the concert was never rescheduled.

In November 2023, BSA was awarded a $1.4 million judgment against Pink Personality in arbitration, plus interest. Now, BSA is seeking to enforce the judgment and collect the owed funds. They have requested access to Minaj’s business manager, accountant, agent, and financial advisor, as well as records from Pink Personality and its affiliates. The court has yet to rule on BSA’s request to involve Minaj’s wider team in the legal proceedings.


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