Trends come and go each year, laying the foundation for a broad range of styles each time. From clothing and music to hairstyles and languages – everything shifts and evolves with time, and engagement rings are no different.

Engagement Rings Trends to look out for in 2024

Lab grown diamonds

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In recent years, lab diamond engagement rings have significantly grown in popularity and availability, becoming one of the most major engagement ring trends in both 2023 and 2024. There’s a good reason why these kinds of diamond engagement rings are among the top trends this year.

Lab grown diamonds are more or less identical to mined or traditional diamonds, both physically and chemically. They are even graded according the same 4Cs – that is, Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight.


Just like with traditional diamonds, you can choose your lab grown diamonds based on a specific style and budget, and the best part is you never have to compromise on your diamond’s appearance or quality.

Engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds are quickly becoming a smart choice for couples who want the everlasting beauty and allure of a diamond, but in a more accessible price range. 

Oval-shaped diamonds nearly just as popular as round ones

While round diamonds have been the preferred choice for engagement ring centerpieces, this year it appears that oval-shaped diamonds have risen to practically the same level of popularity.

Both oval and round shapes offer exceptional qualities when it comes to engagement rings although we foresee oval shapes gaining even more popularity by next year.

Ovals have a bit of an advantage over the traditional round shape: they make the hands and especially fingers appear slimmer and more slender, so, this feature is appealing more and more to couples nowadays.

Another upside to consider is that oval diamonds tend to appear slightly larger than round ones of the same carat from a top-down perspective. As many couples are looking to uplift the appearance of size on their diamonds, this may be noteworthy benefit.

Finally, oval diamonds fit really well with a variety of ring sizes. So, from intricate halos to simple solitaires, for example, they work brilliantly with both modern and traditional designs.

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Three stones are in

Timeless designs tend to emerge when romance and stunningly breathtaking style intersect. Three stone rings date back to the late Georgian era of 1714-1837 and it seems these enduring classics are back in vogue.

During the 1950s, three stone rings used to be traditionally set with a lovely emerald-cut centre stone, and flanked by baquette side stones. Even though this elongated silhouette hasn’t gone out of style, couples are opting for a more modern look where oval, round and even trillion-cut side stones are becoming the norm.

You’ve endless opportunities to update a classic and timeless look, so three stone rings are totally in and it seems highly unlikely that they’re going out of style in 2024 or beyond.

So are mixed metals (Two-tones)

Engagement rings blending two metals or more in one elegant and chic design (also known as two-tone settings), where a combination of beautiful warmer tones with cooler toned metals create an almost effortless and highly accessible look – give couples the freedom to experiment with a variety of styles.

Two-tones are just as practical as they are unique: let’s say you prefer a rose gold or yellow band featuring a diamond center stone, you can always bring out the “iciness” of your diamond with white gold prongs.

Mixed metal designs offer excellent versatility and flexibility, allowing you to experiment with warm tones on the one hand, and using white gold prongs on the other, to really make your colorless diamond pop.  

Solitaire settings continue to be a timeless classic

Do you know what Cardi B, Scarlett Johansson and Kourtney Kardashian have in common? All three celebrities wear their own unique style of solitaire rings – a trend which we believe will remain popular throughout 2024.

Solitaires really have become timeless classics, thanks to their simple yet elegant design. The silhouette, for instance, truly brings out the beauty of the single center piece or stone, creating an effortless focal point exuding understated beauty and unparalleled sophistication.

While this setting has been popular for decades, its universal appeal and underlying aesthetic will likely not go out of style anytime soon, especially as more and more jewelers are finding ways to innovate with this specific engagement ring design.

More dainty ring designs

The elegant and lightweight feel of a dainty ring makes them excellent everyday wear, so you’ll never be worried about your ring taking a beating as you engage in day-to-day tasks. The small and delicate design is particularly well-suited to women with small or petite hands.  

As these 2024 trends for engagement rings continue with full flair, you’ll never run out of options in the midst of all this tradition and innovation, which definitely indicate that we are moving towards better practicality and personalization, among other things.

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