The prosecution’s star witness in the first criminal trial against a former US President took the stand yesterday. In a courtroom drama gripping the nation, Michael Cohen, once Donald Trump’s trusted lawyer and fixer, took the stand as the prosecution’s star witness in the former president’s hush-money trial, marking a pivotal moment in the proceedings.

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Addressing the court on Monday, Cohen candidly admitted to his past misdeeds, acknowledging, “I lied and bullied on behalf of my former boss.” His gaze occasionally flickered towards Trump, who sat slumped at the defendant’s table, a palpable tension lingering in the air.

The prosecution’s allegations center on Trump’s alleged falsification of business records related to pre-election hush-money payments, notably a $130,000 transaction Cohen facilitated with adult film star Stormy Daniels to prevent her from publicly discussing her alleged 2006 liaison with Trump.


Dismissing Trump’s denials and claims of political vendettas, prosecutors maintain that Cohen’s testimony is instrumental in revealing the truth behind these transactions, even as Trump seeks reelection.

Key revelations emerged from Cohen’s testimony on this critical day of the trial:

1. Cohen’s Unwavering Loyalty: Cohen, 57, portrayed his role as Trump’s fixer, stating, “I took care of whatever he wanted,” underscoring his willingness to execute Trump’s directives without hesitation.

2. Efforts to Manipulate Media: Cohen disclosed a 2015 meeting with Trump and David Pecker, then-publisher of the National Enquirer, where they strategized using the tabloid to bolster Trump’s image while undermining his opponents. Trump instructed Pecker to alert Cohen of any negative press, with a tacit agreement to suppress unfavorable stories.

3. Publisher’s Demands for Reimbursement: Following a $150,000 payment by the National Enquirer to silence Karen McDougal’s allegations, Cohen revealed Pecker’s relentless pursuit of reimbursement from Trump, recounting a tense encounter at an Italian restaurant where Pecker expressed frustration over unpaid expenses.

4. Trump’s Anger Towards Daniels: Cohen divulged Trump’s fury over Stormy Daniels’ attempts to publicize their alleged encounter, indicating Trump’s strong desire to silence her. 

5. Direct Orders from Trump: Cohen provided intricate details of the hush-money payment to Daniels, asserting that Trump instructed him, “Just do it,” underscoring Trump’s direct involvement in the transaction.

As Cohen’s testimony unfolds, it casts a stark light on the inner workings of Trump’s inner circle and the extent of his involvement in the alleged financial improprieties.

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