Ice Cube, a rap icon turned business mogul, views celebrity support for Donald Trump or Joe Biden as a deeply personal choice, irrespective of any influence from rappers or entertainers. 

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Speaking to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, he emphasized, “I think it’s a personal decision. I don’t know if they care if any rappers or entertainers get up there and say anything. It’s really a personal decision.”

Highlighting the electorate’s familiarity with Trump and Biden, Ice Cube stressed that voters will ultimately decide based on their assessments, regardless of external endorsements. Jeff Kwatinetz, the president of Ice Cube’s league, echoed this sentiment, noting, “I think that people have realized that neither party speaks for minorities, maybe for the Black audience, and it comes down to who they think will really help them on the issues that they care about.”


Ice Cube further elaborated on the nuanced perspectives within minority communities, challenging the notion of monolithic thinking. He stated, “I think it’s underestimated how much people care about the economy… They don’t realize that people have a lot of different opinions.”

Transitioning to the topic of the economy, Ice Cube underscored the vital role of small businesses in American society, using his own venture, the BIG3 league, as a testament to the resilience of such enterprises. “It’s a league that we kind of started from scratch in 2017… We had to go through COVID,” he remarked.

Advocating for government support for small businesses, Ice Cube emphasized, “A lot of small businesses need a little helping hand to get over the hump… the small businesses are really what makes up the American lifestyle.”