Whoopi Goldberg, legendary actress, comedian and co-host of “The View,” has stunned fans with her dramatic weight loss, revealing that she shed nearly 200 pounds with the help of the diabetes drug Mounjaro.

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In a recent appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the 68-year-old icon opened up about her transformative journey. Goldberg candidly shared that she once tipped the scale at 300 pounds, but thanks to Mounjaro, she has shed the weight of “almost two people.”

During the interview, host Kelly Clarkson couldn’t help but remark on Goldberg’s youthful appearance. “Every time I run into you, you look younger! You’re like Benjamin Button,” Clarkson exclaimed.


Goldberg credited Mounjaro for her remarkable transformation, emphasizing its effectiveness for individuals like herself who face health challenges. She recounted an incident on a movie set where a woman mistook her weight loss for wearing a fat suit. Reflecting on the encounter, Goldberg admitted that she initially felt indignant but later realized the extent of her transformation.

Addressing the recent backlash faced by Clarkson for her weight loss journey, Goldberg came to her defense on “The View.” She highlighted the importance of destigmatizing weight loss methods, emphasizing that individuals have diverse reasons for seeking medical assistance.

“Kelly is getting backlash over this from people who say she previously claims she was losing weight by walking. Here’s a point about that: a lot of people are taking this shot because they need it,” Goldberg stated. “Some people need bodies jump-started, some have diabetes, there’s lots of reasons. She has been walking. But this has helped.”

While Clarkson has chosen not to disclose the specific diabetes drug she is taking, her openness about her journey serves as a reminder of the importance of destigmatizing health issues

Watch the interview below.