Many celebrity reporters and journalists have weighed in on the 2016 video footage showing P. Diddy assaulting his former girlfriend Cassie, leading to widespread opinions and criticism. 

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Among those voicing their thoughts is sports commentator Stephen A. Smith, known for his outspoken nature. Smith declared that the producer and singer’s career is over following the video’s release.

On his podcast, Smith spoke harshly about the issue, clearly stating that he did not hold back his feelings towards Diddy and the situation.


“I want to declare, right here, over these digital airwaves of YouTube that the career of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs as we know it, is over,” Stephen A. began saying on his social media program. “This s**t is over. It’s over in the worst possible way. One of the worst possible ways that you can imagine.”

But the criticism didn’t stop there. Smith added, “I have the video right in front of me. We can’t show it to you. But I’m watching this with the sound off as we speak. She’s walking down the hallway in a hoodie, y’all. Clearly tryna sneak out of the hotel room. We see him come sprinting down the hallway in just a towel. That’s it. He goes up to her, snatches her by the neck, yanks her to the ground. She lays there, still. OK? I’m looking at the video while I’m talking to you. He snatches her by the neck. Unless this is some look-a-like. Unless this is some clone. Unless this is somebody from Mission Impossible, like Tom Cruise, wearing somebody else’s face, looking exactly like them when it ain’t them at all.”

Smith made a comparison to the infamous video of former NFL running back Ray Rice, who like Diddy (allegedly) was filmed by a security camera, but actually in an elevator where he punched and presumably knocked out his fiancée in 2013. That incident ended his football career. Like Rice, guessing the end may be near for “Brother Love.”