On Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, the Brooklyn Museum became a hub of creativity and nostalgia as Champion unveiled the next chapter of their “Champion What Moves You” global brand campaign with the “No Permission” Collection. This one-day-only exhibit celebrated Champion’s influential role in streetwear fashion and its commitment to fostering the next generation of creators.

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Champion, known for its iconic blanks used by early designs from Supreme, Pyrex Vision by Virgil Abloh, Kith, BAPE, and Stussy, honored this rich history by showcasing these brands’ original works. These brands famously used Champion’s garments without seeking permission, contributing to the brand’s legendary status in the streetwear world.

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The exhibit did not only look back but also forward, featuring designs by emerging creators who embody the no-permission ethos. This collection inspired attendees to pursue their creative visions without constraints, aligning with Champion’s legacy of unbridled creativity.


Guests at the event were treated to an interactive experience. They received Champion blanks and had the chance to customize their own designs on-site, embracing the spirit of DIY fashion that Champion has long supported. This hands-on activity allowed attendees to connect with the brand’s history while contributing to its future.

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In addition to the interactive elements, the exhibit’s pieces will be available in limited quantities through social media-driven giveaways later this month, offering fans a chance to own a piece of streetwear history.

Scott “DJ Skee” Keeney, founder of The Realest, highlighted the exhibit’s importance: “Champion has always been a silent yet powerful force in streetwear. By officially embracing and celebrating the no-permission culture, they are not only honoring their past but also encouraging a future where creativity knows no bounds.”

The “No Permission” Collection was more than just an exhibit; it was a movement that celebrated Champion’s influential past while paving the way for future innovators. The Brooklyn Museum buzzed with excitement and inspiration, as attendees left with a renewed sense of creativity and connection to Champion’s enduring legacy.

Champion’s event was a resounding success, reminding everyone that the spirit of streetwear is rooted in authenticity and the courage to create without asking for permission.

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