Tyra Banks, the iconic supermodel and creator of “America’s Next Top Model,” has expressed her ongoing desire to revive the groundbreaking reality competition series. Despite her enthusiasm, she acknowledges that the decision is ultimately out of her hands.

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“It’s not us,” Banks explained to E! News at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue launch party. “It’s the powers that be. I’m not the biggest boss in the room, so it’s not my doing. Maybe one day.”

It’s been over six years since Banks last stood before hopeful contestants, clutching the coveted photo that would determine their fate in the competition. During its original run, “America’s Next Top Model” became a cultural phenomenon, propelling numerous models to stardom and redefining beauty standards in the fashion industry.


The show, which debuted in 2003, saw Banks not only as the host but also as an executive producer and judge, guiding contestants through grueling challenges and transformative photo shoots. Over 24 cycles, the series showcased diverse beauty, creativity, and the fierce determination required to succeed in modeling.

While fans of “ANTM” continue to reminisce about the show’s dramatic moments, innovative photo shoots, and Tyra’s memorable critiques, the possibility of a revival remains uncertain. Banks’s comments suggest that despite her efforts, the show’s return is dependent on decisions made by higher authorities in the television industry.

The legacy of “America’s Next Top Model” is a testament to Banks’s vision and influence. The show not only entertained but also inspired discussions about beauty standards, diversity, and self-confidence. For many, it was more than just a reality show; it was a platform for empowerment and change.

As Banks continues to explore new ventures and projects, her hope for an “ANTM” revival reflects her commitment to the show’s mission. “America’s Next Top Model” may not be back on screens just yet, but Tyra Banks’s passion for discovering and nurturing new talent ensures that the spirit of the show lives on.

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