Philadelphia-born rapper Meek Mill— known for his candidness on social media, recently took to the X platform to share his thoughts on a range of topics from spirituality to mental health in the Black community. The 37-year-old recording artist, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, opened up about his personal beliefs and the societal issues he observes, sparking discussions among his followers.

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In a tweet on Tuesday, May 21, Meek Mill delved into his views on religion, revealing his reasons for distancing himself from organized faith. “I don’t have a religion due to the simple facts of racism and [judgment] and now war,” he wrote. Reflecting on his formative years, he continued, “I made my mind up at the age of 15 living in treacherous conditions. I strongly believed in god. He answered every prayer… I don’t believe in hell and I don’t need [to] because my heart [is] gold.”

Meek’s comments highlight a journey of personal faith that rejects traditional religious structures, instead emphasizing a direct, personal connection with God. His mention of “treacherous conditions” alludes to his challenging upbringing in Philadelphia, where he faced numerous hardships that shaped his worldview.


Beyond his spiritual reflections, Meek Mill also addressed accusations of being a puppet for white billionaires, specifically Michael Rubin, a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist. Dismissing the claims, Meek defended his independence and the genuine nature of his partnerships.

Additionally, the rapper voiced concerns about the impact of social media on mental health, particularly within the Black community. In a tweet from May 16, he stressed the importance of therapy over the constant chatter of social media. “The Black community needs therapy over social media point blank… The points we be trying to make don’t lead to anything,” he asserted. Highlighting the nature of online interactions, he added, “Just a bunch of people pointing fingers all day… I talk because I see a generation run by computers… Computers don’t suffer but people do!”

Meek Mill’s advocacy for mental health awareness is in line with his role as Co-Chair of the Reform Alliance, an organization dedicated to criminal justice reform. His call for therapy reflects a broader concern about the well-being of the community, urging individuals to seek meaningful support rather than superficial online engagement.


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