On this date in 1987 in Hip Hop history, Brooklyn rapper Dana Dane dropped his highly anticipated LP Dana Dane With Fame on the Profile imprint. Dana was an original member of the legendary Kangol Crew, which consisted of himself, Omega The Heartbreaker and MC Ricky D, better known to the rap world as Slick Rick. This is why many who don’t know criticized Dane for what they thought was biting Slick Rick’s English accent, but this was actually the M.O. of the Kangol Crew.

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The nine-track album wasn’t short on official singles, with the storytelling saga of bad dreams on “Nightmares”, the action-packed story of three stick up girls on the infamous “Delancey Street” and the radio popular single “Cinderfella Dana Dane”, which charted Number 11 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks.

Shout out to super producer Herby Luv Bug, Dana Dane, DJ Clark Kent and everyone else who was a part of making this a Hip Hop classic!