Actress KeKe Palmer has dropped her request for a restraining order and sole custody of her son, initially filed against actor Darius Jackson following allegations of abuse.

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The case, which garnered significant attention in 2023, appears to be moving towards a resolution away from the courtroom. According to new documents obtained by The Blast, the domestic violence restraining order hearing, which was scheduled for July 16, 2024, has been canceled. Palmer’s attorney filed the documents, leading to the removal of the hearing from the court’s calendar.

While the precise reasons for this decision remain undisclosed, it is speculated that Palmer and Jackson may have reached a private agreement. This development comes five months after the former couple agreed to engage in a court-mandated mediation session, suggesting that a truce might have been achieved behind the scenes.


The initial filing by Palmer was a significant move, as she sought both a domestic violence restraining order and sole custody of their son, citing abuse. The case highlighted the ongoing struggles and legal battles faced by individuals dealing with domestic violence allegations.

As of now, neither Palmer’s lawyer nor Jackson have provided public statements regarding the case’s dismissal. The decision to forego the hearing indicates a possible de-escalation of the conflict, potentially allowing both parties to focus on co-parenting their child amicably.

Palmer’s decision to drop the legal proceedings marks a notable shift from the intense legal and personal drama that unfolded last year. It underscores the complexities of domestic disputes and the various pathways individuals might take towards resolution, whether through the courts or through private negotiations.

Fans and observers will undoubtedly continue to watch closely for any further developments or statements from the involved parties. For now, it appears that Palmer and Jackson are seeking to navigate their differences outside of the courtroom, prioritizing the well-being of their child and potentially finding a more harmonious way forward.